Already a Foster Carer?

Are you an experienced Foster Carer looking for a change?
Do you feel as though you need or deserve more support and recognition for the work you do?

If you are already a foster carer and would like to deepen your skills and learn to work therapeutically, we are keen to hear from you. We believe that we can offer a competitive reward package and unrivalled support and training, in a small, dedicated, fostering service aimed at supporting children and young people who have had a particularly difficult start in life.

As a foster carer you should know that you always have the right to change fostering providers. We understand that as a foster carer, your priority will always be the stability of the children or young people you look after and we share this same view.

Our Therapeutic Fostering team will make the entire process straightforward and seamless and if appropriate, providing as little disruption as possible to any children you have in your placement. We understand that there are often understandable and valid reasons for carers wanting to transfer agency. You may feel as though you require a change, to develop further, or perhaps some consistency or support. We always welcome applications from foster carers who wish to transfer and invite you to contact us and let us talk to you about how we do things a little differently.

If relevant, our fostering team are committed to supporting the terms of a current child in placement, which means that you will continue receiving at least the same level of payment and expenses if not more. We pride ourselves on our support network services and training and we are committed to providing you with a service that will make you feel part of our team.

Should you not currently have any children in placement, the process for transferring is more straightforward, however we will still work to the same process in terms of completing a fostering assessment.

In essence, the transfer process works as follows:

We will arrange a home visit to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

Should you wish to join us, you would need to notify your agency in writing with your intention to resign.

A meeting is arranged between ourselves and your current agency. Social workers of any young people in placement are also informed. The transfer arrangements are described in more detail in ‘The Fostering Network Transfer Protocol 2014.’

This includes set timescales and is to ensure that children and young people in placement are not disrupted.

A new Form F assessment and supporting documentation is completed by a social worker from our fostering team (this is far less lengthy than your first Form F).

Your Form F is then presented to our independent fostering panel, where the recommendation will be made for your current approval will end and then you may become approved by us.

Social workers of children and young people in placement are formally informed that the transfer has been completed. Relationships are of enormous importance in Childhood First and we work hard to maintain all existing relationships during the process and as we move forward.

Due to the current situation regarding Covid 19, iST Fostering is not currently seeking to recruit foster carers or to make any new placements at this time. This will be reviewed at a time when the impact and consequences of the pandemic are better known, and when planning for stable  foster placements can once again be undertaken.