Yes, to foster you need at least one spare room.

The primary foster carer should not be employed, in order to be available full-time for the role of fostering.

Yes, you do not need to be in a relationship to become a foster carer.

Yes, you can foster regardless of your sexuality and if you are in a relationship.

Yes, you can have pets so long as they are friendly and not dangerous, this will be considered at the initial stage of assessment.

Yes, however the wider your approval range is, the greater the potential is to make placements.  

At Childhood First we are committed entirely to the quality and level of training and support that we provide.

Due to the current situation regarding Covid 19, iST Fostering is not currently seeking to recruit foster carers or to make any new placements at this time. This will be reviewed at a time when the impact and consequences of the pandemic are better known, and when planning for stable  foster placements can once again be undertaken.