Thank you for your support – your donation will help us to fulfil the following priorities for our children and our staff.

We would be most grateful if you would consider making a contribution towards any of the following by completing the donation form below:


buys arts & crafts supplies for the children in our communities


pays for an additional care worker to look after the children to replace another who might be ill with the virus or self-isolating


could buy a trampoline for one of our residential homes


will buy a laptop for home schooling and administrative staff working remotely


covers the cost of a member of staff staying in local accommodation for 2 weeks to safeguard the children from the virus and/or protect their own family


will purchase a climbing frame for our Gables House community providing crucial therapeutic play for the children during this period of confinement


will enable us to fit out 5 bedrooms for the rotation of key front line staff sleeping over at our newly acquired home which is currently pending refurbishment

For more information please contact