iST Research

We are committed to regular structured assessment of children’s progress, using a range of clinical measures, and to longer term research into Integrated Systemic Therapy outcomes for our children and young people. We are also committed to continual learning and therapeutic practice development, so that our children and young people have the best possible life outcomes.  

In 2020, there are currently nine research studies into Integrated Systemic Therapy under way or completed and findings being disseminated. These range from shorter focused studies to Masters and PhD research projects. The current studies include the following topic areas:

  • Residential managers – experience of leavers
  • Placement and Family Support workers
  • Is there a way to make outcomes data more accessible?
  • Work in therapeutic communities
  • An investigation in to the factors that impact on a child’s progress in a therapeutic community
  • An investigation into the use of Restrictive Physical Intervention with children living in a therapeutic community
  • The importance of a holistic and integrated approach to supporting children in care
  • What is the significance of the ‘primary’ relationship between the therapeutic care worker and the child and their therapeutic healing and development? 
  • The capacity for change and growth in a therapeutic community – for an individual, a group and the organisation as a whole

We are happy to consider research studies conducted on our work by external researchers and research students. Should you wish to discuss a research proposal, please contact our Research Manager by email or calling using the links below: