Our Supporters

We are grateful to the following for their valued and generous support of our work.

  • The ACT Foundation
  • Bernard Sunley Foundation
  • Coral Samuel Charitable Trust
  • The Dyers’ Company Charitable Trust
  • Educational Foundation of Alderman John Norman
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Rachele and John Harrison
  • The Inverforth Charitable Trust
  • The Laing Family Trusts
  • The Lyon Family Charitable Trust
  • The Paget Charitable Trust
  • Peter Harrison Foundation
  • Lynne and Nigel Ross
  • Robert and Belinda Shipton
  • Silver Family Charitable Trust
  • Talbot Underwriting Limited
  • The Taylor Family Foundation
  • The Tompkins Foundation
  • Tunstall Jubilee Foundation
  • Whitegates Children’s Trust
  • The Wolfson Foundation
  • The York Tyburn Trust

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following participants in our Marathon events for their generous support. Together they raised in excess of £40,000.

  • Debra Bahr
  • Tina Baklanov
  • Mandy Barrington
  • Bradley Bendelow
  • Lisa Biggs
  • Edward Christian
  • Angus Gibson
  • Alexa Hillier
  • Rebecca Lass
  • Emma Lonczyk

Thanks also go to our fundraising committees who volunteer so much of their time and work tirelessly to support us.