In addition to our whole Community Camp, we decided this year to add an extra camping trip to our calendar for some of the older children from Earthsea. A smaller group of 5 children and 4 adults spent two days camping at a local campsite based near a beautiful Norfolk Broad, all having a thoroughly wonderful time. Whilst everyone camped in tents, we also had use of a converted railway cabin lodge which the children certainly enjoyed spending time in throughout our trip. Favourite activities also included riding bikes around the campsite (especially at full speed down a big hill!), playing on the on-site play area and meeting up for play time with other children staying on the site.

We also took walks and bike rides around the broads, and finished the trip with hiring boats which the children were thrilled to have a go at driving. A truly special time was had by all and our appetites whetted for the big Community Camp in July!