Therapeutic Values

All that we do is founded on the simple truth that the damage caused by relationships can most effectively be healed by relationships

Over half a century we have learned that the more integrated and comprehensive an environment of therapeutic relationships and experiences that we can create, the quicker and more complete will be the child’s road to recovery.

Our Vision is to be able to provide all severely traumatised children and young people with therapeutic environments that have the expertise to heal their minds and hearts, so that they can thrive and grow into adults capable of fulfilled and useful lives.

Our Mission is to transform the lives of children and young people who suffer severe emotional and psychological difficulties, so that they can relate well to others, fulfil their potential and enjoy life.

Our Approach is a form of group living and learning modelled on healthy relationships, adapted to the developmental needs of children and young people suffering severe relational trauma. We call it Integrated Systemic Therapy (iST).