Greenfields House

For boys and girls aged 5-13

Greenfields House is a residential therapeutic community with a special school, providing therapeutic care, education and treatment for up to 10 children aged 5-11.  The home occupies a large detached Edwardian house with an extensive garden situated in a beautiful rural location in Kent.

We specialize in the treatment of children who present with severe emotional, psychological and behavioural problems including sexualized and other disturbing behaviours as a result of attachment difficulties rooted in early life trauma and abuse.

Through the use of Childhood First’s unique and effective Integrated Systemic Therapy, which focuses on healing trauma and enabling healthy attachments and relationships, children achieve exceptional outcomes in every aspect of their lives.   

Our care and education staff are all therapeutically trained to enable children to work through their experiences of past trauma in a safe and comfortable environment designed for group living and learning. We combine individual therapy with a strong group-based culture which helps children engage with their difficulties, and support one another in recovering and achieving their potential.  

Greenfields School 

Our school offers an holistic and creative curriculum encompassing the Key Stages appropriate for our children.  We provide sporting opportunities, educational trips, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities to engage and enthuse our children to achieve their potential. Classes are small, allowing individual attention for each child.   

Placement and Family Support Service 

This dedicated service is available to support the whole family and network of each child in our care. Working together, we aim to promote the recovery of both the child and, where possible, the family. Where a child’s next placement is fostering or adoption, we work closely with all concerned to prepare the child and the family, and to ensure that the fostering or adoption placement is a success.

When it is time for a child to move on, the Placement and Family Support Service helps the family and network think and plan each step. Some children may continue with part of their treatment: staying on at school, continuing with therapy and family support at home, for example. Others may move on completely, but may need a more intensive package of support. We are able to tailor what we provide to each individual.

Referral Process

  1. Initial telephone conversation to result in request for relevant documentation, such as detailed chronology, core assessment, EHCP, psychological/psychiatric reports and copy of statement of SEN etc.
  2. Reciprocal visits, normally including Greenfields Director to visit the child, and the child to visit Greenfields to meet both staff and children.
  3. Arrival date to be agreed.