Work with us

Here, you feel really valued as a staff member. It’s a really enjoyable place to work.

I started at CF about 3.5 years ago as a therapeutic care worker. After 9 months I became a link worker to an 8 year old boy who recently left so my role has now changed slightly. I am now a deputy team leader and supervisor. The potential for progression is something that’s very valued here.

Relationships are key. The children’s relationships in their early lives have been severely disrupted so they come to us and they learn to form secure attachments with the adults here. We help the children process their trauma and understand that there are adults out there that you can have healthy relationships with.

Whether you are seeking to work hands-on with our children as a care worker or as a member of our administrative team – we are able to offer you a life-changing and rewarding career path. We recruit carers, teachers, domestic staff, maintenance staff, administrators, accountants, HR professionals, business development staff and fundraisers all of whom work collectively to positively impact the lives of the children we care for. 

We offer free to all of our therapeutic staff a pioneering work-based training to equip you to care for and treat severely traumatised children and young people. You will be paid to work whilst applying the theory of iST in practice and potentially qualifying as a Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellor or Child Psychotherapist. This is a totally unique offer for a free and salaried training as a psychotherapeutic professional which is particularly valued by our staff. Click here to view more on iST Training.