The children and young people in our care are mostly functioning in the mode of fight or flight, due to their earlier traumatic experiences and as a way of surviving. The Coronavirus taps into these primitive anxieties and everything that was in place to help them feel less anxious and safe, i.e. routines, attending school, therapeutic structures etc. have changed and continue to change in response to the current crisis.

Maintaining a framework of normality for the children has been our utmost priority and we are so proud of both our frontline staff and the children for the way they have handled the situation.

Children and staff at Greenfields House and School opted to take part in the 2.6 Challenge, a nationwide initiative organised by various mass participation event organisers including the London Marathon, as well as Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving. The idea behind the campaign was to save UK charities by raising as much money as they usually would thanks to the London Marathon which will now take place in October. The children decided they wanted to walk their own marathon around the garden.

Here are some words from Natalie Mills, Assistant Director of Greenfields House and School:

“I couldn’t be prouder of the children and for everyone being on board. I’m sure you’ll all agree that the children did absolutely amazingly, not only completing their 26 miles … but running the majority, and accumulatively ran over 30 miles between them. Such amazing efforts, and really good fun, they all seemed to really enjoy themselves.”