To help ensure the children have the very best summer possible at Earthsea House, every year the adults prep a series of ‘theme weeks’ to cover the summer holiday period. This year, the children enjoyed –

  • Water Week
  • Wildlife Week
  • Around the World Week
  • Inspiration Week

Each week brought a series of fun activities, including trips out, experiments, arts and crafts activities and special themed movie nights and meals. We strive to offer the children the opportunity to learn and try new opportunities alongside just having lots and lots of fun!

The photos below came from the final week of the summer, Inspiration Week. Throughout the course of the week there was a different daily topic for the children to learn about some amazing and inspirational people (and animals). On Inspirational Animal Day, we were lucky enough to be visited by an amazing mobile farm and petting zoo. The children (and adults!) hugely enjoyed meeting the goats, pony, guinea pigs, farm dog and ferrets, and the ‘skinny pig’ was a particular favourite! On Inspirational Science Day, the children enjoyed some very fun (and very messy) science experiments, including the skittles experiment (pictured) and making Coke and Mento rockets in the garden.

Despite challenging circumstances and lots of changing plans, we had a great summer at Earthsea House. Now for Christmas plans!