The covid-19 pandemic brought about some last minute changes to Earthsea’s plans for a camping trip this summer, but one thing was for sure – we were definitely going to camp!

The determination to still give the children their annual experience of tent life drove a relocation of our camping experience from the Welsh Mountains to the football field at the house.

The children coped excellently with the sudden change and the whole Community embraced the new plans with great enthusiasm. Our usual circle of tents was set up and everybody imagined that we were really away on a camping holiday, the house was there for nothing more than use of the facilities!

In typical Earthsea style, we devised a jam-packed schedule of outdoor fun for the children, including arts and crafts, nail painting and hair braiding, badminton, water slides and the highly addictive ‘9 squares game’. We had our traditional camp fire sing song, toasted marshmallows and we even enjoyed an outdoor cinema in woods. We even put on a fireworks display!

Despite the change of plans, the most wonderful time was shared by all and perhaps we’ll all remember Camp 2021 even more for its’ uniqueness.